Start Ups

Startup companies that apply to SEE Keiretsu Forum are typically in their seed, early stage and growth stage phases. Investors’ involvement plays a crucial role in the entrepreneurial success in different ways, influencing new business development and job creation.

Startup businesses that received funding from angel investors were 20 to 25% more likely to survive after four years and 16 to 19% more likely to have grown to 75 employees, according to Kauffman Foundation findings.

According to Entrepreneur Handbook, currently there are approx. 300,000 active Business Angels in Europe. Out of them 18,000 are members of business angels’ networks, and are in continuous search for new opportunities.

What are we offering to startups?

1. Access to global capital

2. Access to expert sector knowledge from successful serial entrepreneurs/investors and their connections

3. Quick investment decision making

4. No steep repayment plan

5. Invaluable networking, mind-sharing and collaborative business relationships with other network members

6. Education on private equity investing, diversified trainings, workshops, webinars, and conferences

7. Guest speakers at the Forum meetings – Industry leaders addressing current market and specific industry trends

8. Speakers Bureau – opportunity to speak at industry events

9. Opportunity to get the expert advice before investing

10. Different social activities aiming to build and strengthen trusted relationships

11. Research and publications (TBD near future)

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