SEE Chapter is the main and only meeting place linking SEE and global investors with promising futuristic SEE and global startups looking for investment. We are highly determined to provide absolute excellence in helping investors and entrepreneurs find the perfect match and create long lasting profitable relationships.

What are we offering to Investors?

1. Investment opportunities: local, regional and global pitching events

2. Portfolio with high return

3. Co-investment opportunities

4. Access to largest global network of successful entrepreneurs

5. Business partnership opportunities (within members)

6. Opportunity to develop relationships with Keiretsu Forum’s partner organizations that play a fundamental role in the investor and entrepreneur eco-system

7. Sharing deal flow among other members

8. Invaluable networking, mind-sharing and collaborative business relationships with other network members

9. Education on private equity investing, diversified trainings, workshops, webinars, and conferences

10. Guest speakers at the Forum meetings – Industry leaders addressing current market and specific industry trends

11. Speakers Bureau – opportunity to speak at industry events

12. Opportunity to get the expert advice before investing

13. Different social activities aiming to build and strengthen trusted relationships

14. Research and publications (TBD near future)

15. Giving back to the community

  • Employment Development: social enterprises provide employment opportunities and job training to segments of society at an employment disadvantage;
  • Innovation: Social enterprises drive innovation, crucial to social and economic development;
  • Social Capital: Next to economic capital one of the most important values made by social entrepreneurship is social capital. By creating new opportunities in Social Entrepreneurship, we build our communities on trust, reciprocity and cooperation for common good.

16. Shaping the future economy & Being part of a credible investment organization attracts more entrepreneurs and better-quality ventures.

Membership Criteria

The investor/member must be an existing entrepreneur or a representative of a registered enterprise.

Investors must dedicate significant time and effort to our activities, including attending meetings, identifying and analyzing investment opportunities, helping other members.

Investors must have a track record managing and building successful companies either as entrepreneurs or operating executives. Functional expertise and/or industry experience in sectors relevant to the startups incubated at ICK is preferred.

Investors must declare that they have the financial resources to become angel investors and understand the risk associated with angel investing.

Membership Process

The aspiring angel investor applies formally by submitting the Membership Application.

Upon positive evaluation of the application, KFSE will notify its members of its decision to accept a new member to the club. Existing members will be invited to provide feedback regarding the decision with the possibility to request a reconsideration.

KFSEE will notify the applicant of their approved membership and be invited to sign the membership agreement, after which a certificate of membership will be awarded.

Investors must be ready to invest the requested amount on prospective startups per year or alternatively contribute to the pool fund for investments.

Investors must have an extensive peer network of domain expertise and contacts for subsequent funding, talent and technology.

Membership in Keirestu Forum Southeast Europe is by invitation only.

Membership in Keirestu Forum SEE is by invitation only.

Numerous studies demonstrate how Angel-funded firms are significantly more likely to survive and are also more likely to show improved venture performance and growth as measured through growth in website traffic and website rankings. The improvement gains typically range between 30 and 50 percent. Investment success is highly predicated by the interest level of angels during the entrepreneur’s initial presentation and by the angels’ subsequent due diligence. Angel Networks, however recent as a phenomenon, have proven over the past two decades to have several unique advantages by the angels.

First, angels can pool their capital to make larger investments than they could otherwise. Second, each angel can invest smaller amounts in individual ventures, allowing participation in more opportunities and diversification of investment risks. They can also undertake costly due diligence of prospective investments as a group, reducing the burdens for individual members. Fourth, these groups are generally more visible to entrepreneurs and thus receive a superior deal flow. Finally, the groups frequently include some of the most sophisticated and active angel investors in the region, which results in superior decision-making.

Furthermore, through the SEE chapter, investors benefit from the impact that will create a ripple effect across the region. The obvious necessity to bridge the gap between the Balkan countries and those of the EU is a boost to investment in the region. The Western Balkans have a number of attractive features for investors. The long-term EU perspective is a major plus and a unique quality of the region compared with other emerging markets, as it helps to anchor market-oriented reforms and European standards. A solid macroeconomic stability, strategic geographic location, diverse economies, favorable tax regimes and low unit labor costs, combined with a relatively well-educated population, are common attributes throughout the region.

By opting for investing in the right startups, you can see massive returns on your investment over time as the company grows. Besides the ROI, our members benefit by obtaining the subject matter expertise, which is considered as one of the main challenges today’s angel investors have, through mind sharing sessions by having a large group of experienced, diversified, and successful members from all over the World. They are also provided administrative and educational support to help Angel Members thrive.

Types of Membership

  • Accredited Private Investors – High Net Worth Individuals
  • Venture Capital and Strategic Corporate Partners
  • Corporate Investors
  • Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)
  • Government Organizations and International Organizations
  • Virtual Investors

Membership in Keirestu Forum SEE is by invitation only.

Investment Climate

Due to its geographical position and natural resources Kosovo has a lot of potential for investment in various sectors. There are about 4,000 foreign and mixed ownership companies that have already invested over €1 billion. Foreign direct investments in Kosovo play an important role in the region’s economy.

Taking into consideration the favorable business climate, stable macroeconomic environment and the excellent opportunities across different business sectors, Kosovo, even though at a very slow pace, is increasingly becoming a very attractive place for doing business. As result, the interest of foreign investors has been increasing steadily during the past years and with it the inflow of FDI. This is a living proof of the opportunities and benefits that the country offers, and also represents a base of quality products and a sufficient service-providing community.

Kosovo is ranked among the 15 best countries of the world in the category of ‘starting a business’.


Investment Opportunities in Kosovo->,18

FDI in Kosovo ->,17

Doing Business in Kosovo ->,26

Business Climate

Type of TaxRate
Personal Income Taxes
0 – 960 Euro annually0 %
960 – 3,000 Euro annually4%
3,000 – 5,400 Euro annually8%
+ 5,400 Euro annually10%
Corporate Income Tax10%
VAT (progressive)18% standard
Customs/Import Tax0%, 2%, 5%, 6%, 10% or 15%.
Excise TaxDepending on goods
Business Registration4 days
Construction Permits152 days
Registering property27 days
Getting creditRanked 20th globally by the World Bank
Trading across bordersTime to import (border) 16 hours
Enforcing contracts330 days (ranked 44th globally)