Local Partners

ICK – Innovation Center Kosovo

One of the main institutions that has been one of the first incentives and at the forefront of promoting innovative business ideas and startup is the Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK), delivering incubator services, mentoring, consulting and training to entrepreneurs and managers in business planning, accounting, finance, product/service development, marketing/ sales, human resources, technology development and transfer and matchmaking with local, regional and international businesses.

Since its establishment ICK has encouraged and promoted business investments in research and innovation by:

  • Reforming the investment climate factors particularly relevant to young and innovative start-ups.
  • Matching grant schemes for pre-seed financing (proof of concept and prototype development) for new small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Improving access to innovation financing and mentoring services.
  • Supporting the international integration of young and innovative firms.

Among the many services and benefits it has offered to the Kosovar young entrepreneurs, this year includes the launching of the “ICK Angel Club”, providing entrepreneurs with another potential investment opportunity through this club, as well as introducing the concept of “Angel Investors” in the country.

In fact, according to Kosovo Info, “2016 was the year of international breakthrough for the startup sector in the capital of the young republic of Kosovo” with one of the thriving factors being the ICK. Since its establishment, ICK has become Kosovo’s main IT incubator and hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in the IT/Tech sector, providing young companies with coaching, advice, a vast network, training and, naturally, a space to work.

Please visit the following link for more information: https://ickosovo.com/

Regional Partners

Southeast Europe Chapter Regional Establishment

Keiretsu Forum SEE is inclusive of Private Investors, Angel Investors, Venture Capital Companies, and Corporate Members, such as Law-Firms, Consulting Companies and so on, to create an ecosystem of all-in-one investment forum for not only venture financing, but also business expansion and cross-border collaboration within the 9 following countries: Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary.

Achieving the best results across the Southeast European Community, we utilize a global network of investors already part of Keiretsu Forum, whether for further investment, making an exit or even making an IPO (being listed in the stock exchange).

Community Partners

Universities, government institutions, innovation hubs, and entrepreneurial groups.


A sponsor membership is established to invite and attract additional funding necessary to allow for a continuous expansion of the services provided to the club members.

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