The gathering was not merely an event; it was a convergence of minds, aspirations, and a collective celebration of innovation within the entrepreneurial landscape. Angel investors, accelerators, partners, and spirited startup founders from the region, found themselves immersed in insightful conversations that reached beyond the conventional boundaries of networking, fostering an environment conducive to ideation and collaboration. The event was made even more extraordinary by the generous sponsorship of BKT Kosova, whose support elevated the evening to a magnificent celebration.

The after-party, a highlight of the night, added a dash of celebration, making sure the event was not just fruitful in terms of collaboration but also a memorable experience.

As Angels Connect Socials wrapped up, it fulfilled expectations as a convergence point for innovation and partnership by providing plenty of opportunities for networking. This debut gathering, a reflection of a successful year for KFSEE, showcases the organization’s dedication to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in the region.

Overall, throughout this year, Keiretsu Forum Southeast Europe has taken pride in organizing the following events:

  • KFSEE Investor Pitch Day in Tirana – held on May 23, 2023
  • KFSEE Investor Pitch Day in Skopje – held on October 6, 2023
  • KFSEE Angel Investor Training – held on November 7, 2023

In addition, KFSEE has celebrated several noteworthy milestones this year:

  • The first anniversary of investing in the future – celebrated in June.
  • Surpassing the milestone of raising its first 1 million euros for startups through KFSEE investors.
  • A significant partnership with BKT Kosova, including the bank’s commitment to financing startups with an amount of up to 1 million euros. An additional 1 million euros, managed by KFSEE, will be dedicated to investing in startups, and a new investment fund will be created by BKT Kosovo.

As the curtains fall on this remarkable event, let’s carry the momentum forward. With exciting plans for the upcoming year and a grand vision in our minds, we eagerly anticipate fostering a thriving ecosystem!

Wishing you a joyful end of the year!

Keiretsu Forum SEE Team!